Tuesday, 18 March 2014

And so we begin....

Millie's Log - Earth Date 18 March 2014

Today was the all important planning session taking place at Mission Control aka Junction Arts in Chesterfield!

I (Millie) did not get off to a great start as I managed to get lost (even using a SatNav) trying to find Junction Arts! I have a feeling this does not bode well with the rest of the group as I am one drivers and navigators for the first part of the trip!

However things greatly improved when I finally got there and had a nice cup of tea! It was brilliant to finally meet everyone who I had been chatting with over e mail! This is going to be exciting!

Amy, who is the Head and Chief of Mission Control has been hard at work organising, collating and preparing plans, diagrams, charts and maps for us had done a fine job and all that was left to do was to make a final kit check, agree timings, shake hands and they we were off! (Well off to our homes to pack n stuff!)

Upon discovering that the van had a cassette player (!) I quickly came up with the solution of a cassette / ipod adapter as there were some murmurings of some rather dodgy music selections - so a major disaster was avoided! Phew!

After successfully navigating my way out of Chesterfield and back to the 'Shire, I reacquainted myself with drivings of a big van, thanks to the watchful eye of my little brother who made me do a 'turn in the road' (as its called now) in the narrowest lane ever! So I may not know where I am going, or the route there but rest assured we will make it there in one piece!

And finally I would like to say a few thanks to people who are helping me on this journey:

  • The guys and gals at EMPAF for inviting me along
  • Sarah who lent us a SatNav with European maps
  • My brother for the driving lesson
  • Martin for a refresh on some filming / editing solutions
  • Tony for the last minute dash for a FireWire adapter
  • Everybody else who has put up with me over the last week as I planned for situations (both real and imaginary) stressed and was otherwise a general pain in the...!
See you in Rotterdam (Via Dover, France, Belgium & Mexico!)

Millie x

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