Monday, 24 March 2014

Points to ponder....

Millie's Log - Earth Date 24 March 2014

It is morning!

And I have awoken to sunlight streaming in to my room. I have also woken up to the slightly disorienting feeling that I have no idea what day it is and where I am. Now that I have had a shower to remove some of the cobwebs creeping round my brain, I am fully aware that it is Thursday December 17! 

Only joking! I know it's March and I am about to start breakfast before embarking on our tour for day 5 (Or is it 4 or maybe 6)!

The side of my bed looks a bit like an electronics shop with cables and batteries galore! And clothes are strewn everywhere as I try to locate my hairbrush! My derriere is still slightly sore from the saddle and I cannot find my hairbrush!

I am having an amazing time - but sometimes it feel people and places are going so fast that I barely have time to take it in before we load up the van and drive to our next location!

If you check out you can see just how much we have seen, but it doesn't really give you a flavour of how little time we seem to spend in each place. I am finding that there is so much for my (little) brain to process that I am feeling slightly surreal.

Yesterday for example, we met with Ingrid and Christine, we were slightly late due to my successful navigating and driving which led us to see the harbour from about 6 different views. We had a great time over coffee and 'BitterBallen' talking about our different projects - Andy's Raleigh project and some of the Concept Album projects at The Core by Lisa, and hearing about the differences in community art between the UK and Holland, before we had to say our goodbyes and head from Hoorn to Amsterdam a good hours drive away. 

Again in Amsterdam we were met by Maaike in a beautiful park which hosts community arts events every Sunday, where we had a cup of tea (because we are British), saw the workshop associated with the Umbrella Art installation, some traditional African dance before whisked of to meet Jorik to hear about the good work he has done.

Thus all leading to a general sense of over whelming!

However - the sun is shining! I have not dented or damaged the van! (I may have lost it once but thats ok as I found it again!) No one has been hit, maimed or killed - and the sun is shining!

And it's time for breakfast which I am ready for listening to the grumble of my tummy - even if I did eat a whole cow last night!


Millie =)
PS - Still baffled at the tea making! Hot water before the bag!!!

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