Friday, 21 March 2014

Dinosaurs & Disco Balls!

Millie's Log - Earth Date 20 March 2014

We begin! Today was the day! The day of the epic journey starting in Chesterfield, going to Nottingham, onwards to Leicester then to Dover! (Via Maplins!)

For those of you who know me well, will not be surprised to hear that I left it to the last (very last) minute to pack - and for those who have yet to get to know (& love) me - I can sometimes leave things till the 11th hour and 56th minute!

Luckily the traffic was on our side and we made it to those white cliffs with plenty of time to spare. The whole ferry experience was a bit weird as compared to the security at the airport it seemed on the whole very non-existent - not that we had anything to hide!

We all felt a surge of excitement as we saw the sea - the adventure begins! (& Of course lunch!)

When we reached Calais-  France, the fun did start! Paul made driving on the wrong side of the road look a doddle - and when we finally found a petrol station it was my turn to acquaint myself with driving. Which of course I handled like a pro!

Getting through France to Holland seemed to take no time at all  - three hours to drive through three countries - the roads were nice, straight and little traffic!

When we arrived at the Hotel Port, us road weary travellers decided that a drink was in order - which could commence once we had unloaded the van - Buckaroo anyone? We were also met by Sikko from Cal XL ( who has been organising our trip from this end. Over a pint for the chaps and a modest JD & coke for me, we chatted about the week ahead - which sounds fab!

As for Dinosaurs & Disco Balls? The bar we ended up in was Jurassic Park meets Hard Rock Cafe!

And on that note - I bid you good night as I make a bee line for my bed!

See you on the 'morrow!

Millie =)

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